Hi! My name is Damara and I am so pleased that you’ve chosen to visit my site. Here is the story of how reInspired Bride came to be:Screenshot_2013-12-04-22-16-49-1

Part 1:

reInspired Bride has been over 10 years in the making. Back in 2003 I was looking for work and became interested in a sales position at a local bridal store. To my surprise, they hired me! It was so much fun. When my husband and I decided to make a move down south for a few years, I stumbled upon another bridal store that gave me a management opportunity. I was also given the chance to assist brides on their wedding days. I knew I was getting closer and closer to where I wanted to be in my career. After returning to Ohio (and a couple babies later), I went back to work at my original bridal store and started coordinating weddings at a local church. I loved it! Next, I stepped out and took my “day-of” wedding coordinator services from the church to anyone who wanted to hire me. This introduced me to a variety of brides with some very traditional and not-so-traditional weddings. And then there was Pinterest!

By reading my Services page, you already know what reInspired Bride offers, but what does it have to do with bridal stores and coordinating weddings? Not much, but at the same time everything! Those positions are what originally instilled my passion for weddings.

Part 2:

My love for crafting blossomed while I was planning my own wedding in 2005. I didn’t have a huge budget, so I made everything I possibly could (and did a pretty darn good job. AND might I add, Pinterest did not exist yet – GASP!) I pulled all the resources I could find and put together a pretty great shindig … at least that’s what my guests have told me. From there, I offered my event crafting services to my family and friends that were getting married. I also created some fun themed parties for my kids. During those years, people kept urging me to go into business, but I didn’t know exactly how to make it work. After months and months of brainstorming, trying to go in several different directions, and finally finding a vision (that will most likely keep changing, adjusting, and only getting better) – I present to you reInspired Bride.

I’m so excited about this journey and getting to do the things I love most, all while being a part of a special day that you get to share with the person YOU love most! Together, I know we’ll make an amazing team!

– Damara